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on Saturday, 24 March 2012.

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Each year, CEI shows our appreciation for the remarkable students who use our programs and for our partners who support those students. Our annual Who’s Who awards celebrate your dedication, your commitment, and your achievements.

This year, we will not publish our Who’s Who awards in a magazine like we did in the past. Instead, we will feature our Who’s Who award winners on our website and on our social media sites.

Featuring your students online will simplify the Who’s Who process for you in many ways:

  • Because of the time involved in preparing a SHARE Magazine, our deadlines were always long before the end of the school year … usually late March or early April. When we post Who’s Who articles online, we won’t have to prepare a publication that includes all submissions together, and we can post them as we receive them. So instead of using precious instructional and personal time to prepare all your articles to meet the early deadline, you can prepare and submit them when it’s convenient for you! (We do ask that you submit all Who’s Who articles for the current school year by the first Friday in June … which is also the deadline for Exemplary Lab application deadline.)
  • When we included Who’s Who articles in SHARE, there were often space limitations. With our online posts, we will include a photo like this one:

Who's Who Social Photo

We will post the photo, along with any text you provide. Instead of being limited to 100 words as in the past, you can include as much as you’d like in your articles! We will select the text on the photo from the article you submit.

  • When we featured your Who’s Who students in SHARE, we could only use one photo. With our online Who’s Who recognition, we will use a photo like this one to recognize each winner, but you can include additional photos, too.
  • Online and social media posts will make it easier than ever to “Share,” to “Like,” to “Tweet,” to “+1”, and to “Pin” your students’ successes for friends and family to view.

Just like before, we ask that you submit all articles to your Educational Consultant. Please send all submissions digitally, via a word processing document or text file attachment, or by email. Please create a separate email for each student.

In the SUBJECT area of your email, please include the following:

Who’s Who: District Name (if applicable): School Name: Student Name

Who’s Who: Lorena ISD, Lorena Elementary, Connor Mullen

In the body of your email, please include the following information:

- Student (or Facilitator) First Name and Last Initial or Last Name
- District Name (if applicable)
- School or Lab Name
- City, State, Zip
- Primary Facilitator First Name and Last Name
- Primary Facilitator’s e-mail address
- CEI program(s) used (ELS and/or MLS)
- Educational Consultant First and Last Name

Then, write about the student’s actions and accomplishments related to the lab and/or the classroom. We especially like information about student performance on our programs, as well as descriptions of any measurable gains the student achieved as a result of working on our programs. And we love quotes from facilitators, faculty members, and parents! When you submit your article, we will select the text that accompanies the photo.

Attach any photos you’d like us to consider to your email. If you can’t include a photo of a featured student, we will still post his or her success story online, using an image similar to this one:


Who's Who Social No Photo


Finally, you must include a signed Permission to Publish form for each subject you wish to feature. Click here to download a copy of the Permission to Publish form from the CEI website. We cannot publish a Who’s Who success story online until we have a signed Permission to Publish form on file at the CEI Corporate Office.

We can’t wait to read about your students’ successes!

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