Using the same proven approach used in developing CEI’s ELS and MLSScience Vocabulary Essentials empowers students of all ages to improve their science knowledge by helping them strengthen sensory processing as they master science vocabulary.


SVE includes a site license, which allows you to install the program on any computer on your campus. Students may use SVE in the following locations:

  • on a classroom computer

  • on a station in a computer lab

  • on a computer in the library

  • on a computer in the school office

  • on a station in the In-School Suspension (ISS) center

  • on a station in the counselor’s office

… anywhere on your site!

SVE allows teachers to assign specific lessons to the whole class, groups, or individuals. Standards-based and correlating to your state’s grades 3-8 science standards and assessments, the design of SVE is so flexible that individual teachers may choose to use it in a variety of ways:

  • to pre-teach critical vocabulary and essential concepts before teaching a science unit, which is especially important for ELLs and children with learning disabilities

  • to reinforce teacher’s instruction by providing a review of critical vocabulary and concepts

  • to implement as an intervention for struggling learners who need additional practice

  • to review and practice for benchmark tests and state-mandated assessments

  • to enrich advanced students by allowing them to work ahead

The teacher needs only to select the lesson or lessons for each student and assign him or her to one of the “sequences,” or sets of lesson tasks. Sequences were designed for mainstream or advanced learners, as well as for those who struggle to learn — typically economically disadvantaged, learning disabled, and/or limited-English students.

SVE can help any students in any population, including:

  • Regular Curriculum

  • At-risk

  • Dyslexia


  • Special Education

  • Title I

  • Gifted and Talented

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