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We know you’re unique. And we know that the cookie cutter approach offered by many learning solutions won’t work for you and your students. We know you and your students need individual attention … and it’s our top priority to provide it.

We offer individualized solutions.
We want to partner with you so that your struggling learners of any age can get the help they need, whether they need help with reading and language, math, or science … or any combination of those. We’ll help you implement the interventions your students need to accelerate their learning … and to help your school get the results you need.

We offer individualized instruction.
CEI recognizes that both educators and administrators are constantly searching for products that produce a measurable impact on individual student achievement. CEI’s products use a therapeutic approach with activities that link visual, auditory and motor-kinesthetic pathways and focus on mastery and positive reinforcement.

Most importantly, our products concentrate on the individual needs of each student, with built-in accountability reports that give educators the ability to monitor performance by student, by subgroup, by class, and by school. CEI’s learning systems help educators build prescriptive and sequential lesson plans based on each student’s individual learning strengths and deficiencies. Our programs offer:

  • Individualized Lessons
    CEI programs use skill level mastery rather than grade level mastery, so each student works on lessons that address his or her individual needs. Our products include integrated pre-tests and assessments that determine what content each student has mastered and which lessons students must complete and review. When combined with the unique CEI lab setting, the features allow each student in the lab to work on a different lesson during the same class period, something that rarely happens in a typical classroom setting.
  • Individualized Lesson Plans
    ELS and SVE include built-in lesson plans called sequences, which determine the order of the lesson activities and the number of times the student completes them. These sequences allow the student as much time as he or she needs to work on lessons; at the same time, the sequences provide the repetition and review necessary for mastery. Instead of using one lesson plan for the entire class, facilitators can potentially implement as many lesson plans as there are students. MLS’ dual approach allows students complete as much or as little guided practice and review as they need in order to master math concepts while it provides the opportunity to practice the math operations and equations students have yet to master.
  • Individualized Preferences and Task Settings
    Each lesson task has a variety of preferences and parameters, or settings that determine how the program presents each task and how the student responds to the computer presentation. Lab facilitators can modify these parameters to address a student’s strengths or weaknesses in the most effective manner. For example, if a student is a visual learner who needs more visual prompts to retain word meanings or to master math concepts or facts, the facilitator might select a parameter that provides more visual presentations or symbols to reinforce instruction.
  • Individualized Reports
    CEI programs include a variety of reporting options. These detailed reports are available on-screen in the program or in printed format, and they will help you monitor the progress of your struggling students as they try to improve their language skills, math skills, or — as in many cases — both. Color-coded, graphical representations highlight individualized progress over whatever reporting period you choose … semi-monthly, monthly, or even by semester or school year.

We offer individualized Support.
At CEI, we share our clients’ goal of achieving the greatest results. We do that by offering quality, state-of-the-art learning solutions enhanced by the industry’s finest support program … a program that is unique to the field of education and virtually unheard of in most business situations. CEI is committed to forming a partnership with each of our clients — a partnership that not only helps those with educational differences achieve academic, social, and professional success, but also gives our clients the best support for their development dollar. Click here to learn more about our unrivaled, individualized support.

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