With the same proven approach used in CEI’s flagship program ELSMathematical Learning Systems (MLS) empowers learner of all ages to improve math skills by helping them to overcome sensory processing problems and to develop appropriate learning pathways. 

Data Management

The design of the Mathematical Learning Systems (MLS) program allows each student to have a unique prescription and then to proceed at his or her own pace through the program. MLS facilitates this individualization and differentiation through its computer-assisted data manager, the MLS Student Manager (MSM).

The MLS Student Manager and MLS provide many features that enable facilitators and students to work more effectively. In addition to simplifying the tasks of organizing and maintaining lab and student information, the MSM offers more flexibility and control in analyzing and documenting student progress. By allowing lab facilitators to select lesson and reporting options that best fit the lab environment and the individual needs of each student, the MSM makes the job of managing and communicating student progress easier and more efficient, allowing more time for personal interaction in the lab.

The MSM enables lab facilitators to manage the following information:

  • Teacher information, including login, password, name, job title, email address, phone number, address

  • A variety of student information, including login, password, name, grade, language, and date of birth, as well as the following lesson information:

  • The individualized lesson set of lessons, or phase, in which the student is working

  • The individualized settings, or parameters, the program uses when presenting the lesson tasks students’

  • Pre- and post-lesson assessments

  • Students’ daily progress, levels of mastery, and indications of necessary review

  • A variety of lesson and progress reporting tools

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