With the same proven approach used in CEI’s flagship program ELSMathematical Learning Systems (MLS) empowers learner of all ages to improve math skills by helping them to overcome sensory processing problems and to develop appropriate learning pathways. 

Introduction and Overview

Mathematical Learning Systems (MLS) consists of two distinct stages — Concept Building and Fluency — both of which are critical to the development of math skills. MLS' teaching strategies introduce each concept from concrete manipulations through abstract algorithms. At the same time, therapeutic multisensory exercises train students to retrieve math facts from memory. As a result, students accelerate their math competency as they develop the mechanics and confidence necessary to relate math concepts to real-life situations.

With its proven dual-support system, MLS is truly a therapeutic intervention for the lowest 20% of your students. It includes a variety of features that benefit educators and students:

  • Diagnosis of each student’s needs
  • Scientifically-based treatment differentiated according to the diagnosis
  • Research-based content and instructional strategies
  • Individualized prescriptions and modifiable lessons that enable students to receive instruction customized to their needs
  • Careful monitoring of progress
  • Automated management that allows educators to focus on interacting with their students while the program manages lesson progression and reporting
  • Implementation support
  • Improved performance on the program, in the classroom, and on standardized tests



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