Introduction and Overview

ELS capitalizes on the brain’s ability to develop more fluid pathways for automatic recognition, retention, comprehension, and application of information … pathways that are frequently underdeveloped in students with learning challenges. Our approach focuses on mastery, positive reinforcement and motivation, resulting in significant gains in grade-level equivalencies, test scores, self-esteem and overall performance.

In an effort to meet the needs of beginning readers and English Language Learners (ELLs), CEI has developed Letter Recognition (LR), a precursor to ELS. The goal of Letter Recognition — which is accessible from the ELS program — is to develop phonemic awareness and letter recognition skills, both of which are critical to success in reading.

ELS is truly a therapeutic intervention for the lowest 20% of your students. It includes a variety of features that benefit both educators and students:

  • Diagnosis of each student’s needs

  • Scientifically-based treatment, differentiated according to the diagnosis

  • Research-based content and instructional strategies

  • Individualized prescriptions and modifiable lessons that enable students to receive instruction customized to their needs

  • Careful monitoring of progress

  • Automated management that allows the educator to focus on interacting with the students while the program manages lesson progression and reporting

  • Implementation support

  • Improved performance on the program, in the classroom, and on standardized tests

 Why ELS Works: Its Scientific, Theoretical, and Evaluation Research Base (.pdf, 1.3 MB)

If you would like to review a demonstration version of ELS, please complete the required information on our Contact Us page. Simply check the boxes labeled "Reading and Language Solutions (Essential Learning Systems)" and "Other"; then, type "Demo" in the field labeled "If Other." 

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