Using the same proven approach used in developing CEI’s ELS and MLSScience Vocabulary Essentials empowers students of all ages to improve their science knowledge by helping them strengthen sensory processing as they master science vocabulary.

Introduction and Overview

CEI's newest product, Science Vocabulary Essentials (SVE), teaches sets of scientific words and terms according to meaning or thematic patterns. Students learn how to decode scientific words or terms, as well as how to pronounce them, spell them, define them, and use them in context, just as students do in ELS.

Using the powerful and effective learning engine that is responsible for the success of CEI's flagship product ELS, SVE includes content appropriate for students through eighth grade, addressing six categories of scientific themes:

  • How We Learn

  • Earth Science

  • Life Science

  • Physical Science

  • Science Processes

  • Technology

Standards-based and correlating to your state's grades 3-8 science standards and assessments, the design of SVE is so flexible that individual teachers may choose to use it in a variety of ways:

  • Pre-teach vocabulary and essential concepts before a unit is taught — especially important for ELLs and children with learning disabilities;
  • Reinforce teacher's instruction by providing a review of critical science concepts and vocabulary;
  • Implement as an intervention, such as RTI, for struggling learners — those who need significantly more practice;
  • Review and practice for benchmark tests and state assessments.

 Why SVE Works: The Scientific Evidence that Grounds Its Design (.pdf, 855KB)

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