Communications Network

  • E-mail and Telephone Communications Our goal is to keep our ELS and MLS labs as informed as possible. If clients have questions for their Educational Consultant between on-site visits, the answers are only a phone call or an e-mail away. ELS and MLS also include CEI Direct, a component of the programs that allows facilitators to send over the Internet a question, along with a snapshot of student progress. CEI Educational Consultant can log onto a website and analyze this student progress as if they were reviewing progress in the lab. In effect, facilitators have a virtual service visit at their fingertips. CEI Direct’s speed and security makes it the ultimate support solution: facilitators can be confident that they are appropriately modifying students’ lessons, while principals and administrators can be certain that their students are receiving the full benefit of all that the CEI programs offer.

  • Toll-free Customer Support Support Services representatives provide answers to general information requests and questions regarding orders, additional materials, etc.

  • Toll-free Technical Support Technical Support representatives provide assistance with installing and setting up the software. They also answer questions about how the software functions in different environments.
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