With the same proven approach used in CEI’s flagship program ELSMathematical Learning Systems (MLS) empowers learner of all ages to improve math skills by helping them to overcome sensory processing problems and to develop appropriate learning pathways. 

Progress Monitoring and Assessment

The CEI approach focuses on mastery, positive reinforcement and motivation, all of which can result in significantly improved grade-level equivalents, test scores, self-esteem and overall performance. To guarantee that students fully benefit from our programs, facilitators must continually monitor and assess student progress.

We simplify progress monitoring by offering frequent, multiple assessments and feedback:

  • Our programs assess students’ knowledge and skills to determine precisely what content students have mastered. Then they automate students’ progression through the lessons they need to do in order to achieve mastery.

  • Students receive immediate feedback from the computer as they work through their lessons, and our programs differentiate this feedback on every item in each task.

  • Students receive teacher feedback as a part of various practice and assessment activities, as well as a part of the teacher’s observations of their progress.

  • Students provide their own feedback through a variety self-assessment exercises.

  • Students receive lesson reports that provide detailed feedback about their performance on every item in each lesson.

  • Students complete a variety of mastery checks, and our programs present as much review as each student needs to achieve mastery.

  • Facilitators can track and share student progress with teachers, administrators and parents by selecting from a variety of progress reports that are accessible from each program’s management system.


For our ELS and MLS partners, we offer a variety of support features to help maximize the results your students can achieve. Among those features is a partnership with a dedicated Educational Consultant (EC), a certified educator who will provide the assessment and feedback you need in order to optimize your lab’s implementation and your students’ success. Your EC will help you assess and adapt your students’ performance using a variety of methods, all designed to give you the feedback you need, when you need it:

  • Your EC will provide assessment and feedback through e-mail and telephone consultations.

  • Your EC can observe and make recommendations during on-site support visits to your lab. (Labs with full support agreements)

  • Your EC can offer individualized analysis of student progress via CEI Direct, a component of our programs that enables ECs to conduct virtual support visits by allowing them to analyze student performance online.

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