Upgrades and Materials

  • Annual Supplies — Each year, CEI automatically provides clients with updates and testing materials (including pre- and post-test evaluation forms). When CEI receives the service agreement with a purchase order, we ship these materials to arrive in time for the next school year.

  • Free Software Upgrades — Unlike many software companies, CEI provides free software upgrades (for applicable programs) to those labs that maintain an active service agreement. The updated software is just one of many ways that our programs enhance student performance.

  • Resource Manual Updates — To keep labs abreast of any changes and to provide them with a sense of security, CEI supplies, as needed, digital updates of the resource manuals that supplement our programs. These manuals include user’s guides, teacher’s manuals, lesson manuals, and masters manuals, among others.

  • Supplementary Materials — In an effort to improve results, CEI continually reviews learning methods and materials. These reviews occasionally result in supplemental learning materials that enhance CEI’s programs. In 2004, CEI created the Web-based Activity Center (WAC) to provide additional opportunities for students to gain ELS and MLS skills practice at school, at home, in the library, or anywhere with Internet access.
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