ourstudents8 ELL


“One of my ESL students who could not read changed from a possible dropout into a positive, self-confident individual.”

— High School Teacher, Laredo, TX


“Our school houses 40 ESL students who collectively speak 12 languages. Needless to say, it would be difficult to find an ESL teacher who could communicate with all the students like ELS does.”

— Elementary School Principal, Amarillo, TX


“For the first time, I truly feel that I am grasping the English language.”

— Hispanic High School Student, Laredo, TX  


“Before when I looked at words, I just saw letters. Now I see each word individually and understand its meaning.”

— Asian Adult Student, Brazosport, TX


“The English I have learned in CEI has also made it easier to read sentences in my other classes.”

— Bosnian Student, Orange County, FL

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