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“Both musicians and readers learn patterns. These patterns are repeated, just like they are in ELS, until they are ingrained into mental and muscle memory. For many of us, we need the discipline and structure of a system like ELS to develop our skills.”
— Middle School Lab Facilitator, Fort Worth, TX


“For the high achievers, it has improved their standardized test scores, some dramatically. For the low achievers, it has brought up their standardized test scores and improved their overall academic performance.”

— Private School Headmaster, Greenwood, MS


“In sixth grade, I struggled when reading simple words. After a year in CEI, I am reading at a 9.6 grade level. Now I would rather read than watch television.”

— Middle School Student, Orange County, FL


“I used to think that reading didn’t matter. Now that I have been in the CEI lab, I know reading will help me learn things and do better in life, like when it comes to getting a job someday.”

— Middle School Student, Pittsburg, TX

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