CEI products are truly therapeutic interventions that accelerate learning for students of all ages, in all levels of education K-12 and beyond. Producing average gains of two grade levels per year, our programs are remarkable solutions for the lowest 20% of your students.



“When introduced to CEI, I instantly thought about the possibilities – a promise of hope for the non-reader, increased self-esteem for the academically troubled, and improved test scores.”

— Middle School Principal, Dade County, FL 

“In just 4.5 months, students showed an average increase of 2.5 grade levels in reading comprehension. To help ensure continued success we are doubling the size of our lab. That means 360 students a day will have the benefit of experiencing one-on-one, individualized instruction.”

— High School Assistant Principal, Fontana, CA

“Student success is not negotiable and in order to help reduce the achievement gap, we have implemented ELS and MLS district wide for our struggling students. One third of all ELS students tested last year, demonstrated a growth of 2-4 years in Reading Comprehension. MLS is new this year, but during the third six-week testing period on MLS, middle school students’ average Number Operations test scores went from 34% to 93%.”

— Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Edinburgh, TX


“Luis came to the United States and entered transitional high school. He struggled with school as pre-test scores showed him at grade 1.6 in reading. Coming to school at 5:45 a.m. for extra work, attending regular ELS class, and staying after school for more work, Luis finished the ELS program in one year. He gained 8.4 years in reading comprehension and finished at grade level 10. The results paid off. He started the year with an ‘F’ in English and he finished with an ‘A’.”

— CEI Lab Facilitator, Fontana, CA

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