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“I enjoy watching my students succeed because of ELS. If smiles were a paycheck, I’d be a millionaire.”

— Lab Facilitator, Sarasota, FL


“CEI has proved invaluable in providing our special education students a way to learn to read. Students who had little conversation before are asking questions, talking more, and participating more with their peers.”

— Elementary School Principal, Brady, TX


“CEI has improved my life — I can read signs and menus now! It has given me the self-confidence to tackle life.”

— School Student with Cerebral Palsy, Reagan County, TX


“There isn’t one task in the ELS program he can’t do. I believe this is why his self-confidence has improved. He is more interactive with people and is now answering questions in complex sentences instead of one-word responses.”

— Parent of Autistic High School Student, Laredo, TX

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