Staffed with certified educators, CEI offers a variety of comprehensive professional development opportunities to enable you to optimize the implementation of our  programs.

Professional Training

We strive provide quality training and unrivaled support, individualized attention, and analysis and application of student performance so that our partners will achieve success. The first step in attaining that goal is delivering outstanding professional training classes to the educators who implement our programs.

Experienced trainers conduct training workshops for all of the lab personnel who work directly with CEI students receive training in the implementation and operation of the ELS and MLS software. CEI trains replacement personnel at no charge, and for a nominal fee, your staff may attend a refresher course. 

We  schedule classes in various locations according to the training needs in our service regions. Please call our Support Services department at 888.511.4194, option 1, for our current training schedule and information about our courses.

SVE differs from ELS and MLS in that it can operate with little teacher involvement in the back of a classroom or in an independent study situation, while ELS and MLS require a lab setting with a focus on teacher engagement in coaching and monitoring student learning. Basically a “plug and play” software program, SVE uses direct instruction that requires little teacher intervention and no formal training.

With each SVE purchase, CEI includes a comprehensive User’s Guide with an interactive Table of Contents to help guide you step-by-step through the SVE program. The User's Guide provides detailed and illustrated instructions for using SVE's data management system, the Science Vocabulary Manager (SVM) and the SVE Player, the application your students will use to access their lessons. You will also receive a complete digital Lesson Reference, so you can see the words, definitions and sentences covered in each unit and save valuable instruction time by focusing on only those units students must know to meet their personal or grade level goals.

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