McAllen Teachers Express Appreciation for Essential Learning Systems

on Monday, 11 May 2015.

Last week was National Teacher Appreciation Week, and the teachers in McAllen (Texas) Independent School District took the celebration to heart, expressing their appreciation for how Essential Learning Systems (ELS) has changed the lives of their students. We're proud to share just a few of their remarkable success stories here!

Hi Everyone! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

I am so proud to announce that my two 8th grade students passed Reading STAAR [State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness] on the first administration!!! They are so proud of themselves and the whole 8th grade staff is excited for them too! They have been with me since 6th grade, and they've finished all levels of the program. They even said the program really worked for them :)

Cristina Castillo, teacher
DeLeon Middle School
McAllen ISD

At Perez Elementary, I have a new CEI student who transferred from Sharyland this year. He was identified in October of this school year (2014-2015). He started with me in the lab during the second semester (Jan. 26th to be exact).

This student had not passed his reading STAAR in 3rd or 4th grade. I am so proud to say that CEI has really made a difference in him. He also has an awesome, 5th grade teacher that goes above and beyond to meet his needs! For the first time ever, he feels so successful because he passed his 5th grade reading STAAR this school year!!! Woo-hoooo! Perez Pioneers Rock!

Hortencia Valdez, teacher
Perez Elementary
McAllen ISD

Good Morning Everyone, and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank You for all that you do. I love to read stories of success! Here is mine!

I have three 5th grade students who have been attending the Dyslexia lab since 3rd grade, and this year, they passed their STAAR 5th Grade test the first time around. They are so excited, and they feel ecstatic and successful. I am so proud of them. They have come a long way, thanks to the CEI program. I can hardly wait for their success as they move on to middle school.

Jesse Perez, teacher
Jackson and Wilson Elementarys
McAllen ISD

Good morning everyone!

More awesome stories.... My 5th grade student who reached level 4 in CEI, and who wrote and illustrated a book for our class, also passed the STAAR exam.... We are so proud of his accomplishments. Have a terrific day!

Angela Gonzalez, teacher
McAuliffe Elementary
McAllen ISD

Hello to All,

The only two 8th grade students I have also passed their STAAR Test. When I asked them if they would continue with the program in high school, both replied, "yes," because they credit the program with not only helping them to pass the test, but also with improving articulation and vocabulary skills. I await pending results for my other grade level students; all of them worked hard this year, and it has been a pleasure to serve them.

Guadalupe Rodriguez, teacher
Cathey Middle School

Hey Everyone!

I have some amazing stories too! I had two fifth graders pass the STAAR, and for one of them, it was their very first time to pass! I am also happy to say I had two students place in the Creative Writing Contest. One of them placed 1st, and the other placed 3rd in their division.

Another student who I am so proud of passed the POST-TEST of [Essential Learning Systems] Level IV, Lesson 48 in one try. We had a very tough week learning all those words, but the end result was amazing. When he saw he passed he was on top of the world! I am having a shirt made for him for his amazing accomplishments.

When looking over this year's DSTR [Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading] I am happy to say that every student had growth this year! I know CEI has made a huge difference in my student's lives!

Have an amazing day!

Samantha Gaona, teacher
Milam and Hendricks Elementarys

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