Who's Who 2015: Briarwood School's Eliza Kelly

on Wednesday, 13 May 2015.

2015WW Briarwood Eliza Kelly

Fifth-grader Eliza Kelly has been working in the ELS lab at Briarwood School in Houston, Texas, for two years. She started as an extremely at-risk reader. With perseverance and the motivation to succeed, Eliza enters the lab every day, sits down, and gets right to work. She screens out distractions and focuses on the tasks before her. Even when she must review parts of lessons, she does not complain.

Eliza's test scores began to improve after just one year in the lab, and this year, they soared! She tested virtually on level in nearly every area, and her MAP scores went up, as well.

Eliza's parents, Paul and Sonya, have also seen positive changes at home. "It's with great pride we have watched Eliza grow and gain confidence in herself and her abilities," they say. "She has also taken greater responsibility over her actions, she tidies up any messes when asked, and she does more for others when prompted. Her largest personal gain in the past weeks has been to sustain a canter round the area during her horse lessons. She worked hard to do that and overcome her fear of falling."

Eliza's teachers feel that she is an excellent candidate for Who's Who because of the positive example she sets for her peers, along with a "can do" spirit. Having trust in the ELS program, her teachers, and herself has helped her earn this status. Fantastic job, Eliza!

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