Who's Who 2015: Briarwood School's Joshua Bright

on Wednesday, 13 May 2015.

Who's Who 2015

2015WW Briarwood Joshua Bright

Joshua Bright entered Briarwood School in Houston, Texas, this year as a third grader. The very first thing his teachers noticed about him was his wonderful smile and a willingness to work hard. Joshua follows the rules in the Essential Learning Systems (ELS) reading lab, and he repeats every word, phrase, or sentence when prompted to do so.

Joshua's Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading (DST:R) lab post-testing proves that he is making terrific progress! His determination to become a better reader was the primary reason his teachers Mrs. Strapulos, Mrs. Darnell, and Mrs. Sherman nominated him for Who's Who.

Joshua's parents say, "We are absurdly proud of our son and are amazed at how hard he works. For the first time ever, he asked for books for his birthday! Wow! How thrilled we were!"

Joshua also has a great sense of humor. When his Dad (who is a doctor) told him that he needed to work hard in reading so that maybe one day he also might be a doctor, Josh replied, "Dad! I don't want to be a doctor. I want to own the hospital!" That is what we call goal-setting at its finest. Congratulations, Joshua!

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