Who's Who 2015: Briarwood School's Zane Krocak

on Wednesday, 13 May 2015.

2015WW Briarwood Zane Krocak

This year is fourth-grader Zane Krocak's third year in the CEI reading lab at Briarwood School in Houston, Texas. His teachers Mrs. Strapulos, Mrs. Darnell, and Mrs. Sherman, report that the amount of growth they have witnessed over those three years is astounding. Just this year, he has progressed 1-2 grade levels on the Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading (DST:R) in several crucial areas. But Zane will tell you that when he first entered the lab, he could barely read. Now, he is reading chapter books and correcting his younger sister when she misreads a word! Zane's parents are so proud of him.

Zane's mother Lauren says, "I am so impressed with Zane's reading fluency and comprehension in the last couple of years. Since he has been attending CEI lab, he has gained confidence in his reading skills. Now he reads subtitles of movies to me!"

Zane's Aunt Susan — a fifth-grade reading teacher at Briarwood — shared that Zane never used to read aloud in front of family members. But that is definitely not the case any longer. Whenever there is a family gathering for a birthday, for example, Zane reads all of the birthday cards out loud to everyone. Amazing!!

Zane's work ethic inspires the other students to step up and achieve great things. His teachers say, "He is funny, he loves animals, and he makes everyone around him happy. Zane embodies what a Who's Who candidate should be. We are so proud of you, Zane!"

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