Who's Who 2015: Era Elementary's Jayden Clark

on Wednesday, 10 June 2015.

2015 WW Era Jayden Clark

“Jayden Clark started classes in Era at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year,” writes Kristi Hoepfner, a first grade teacher at Era (Texas) Elementary. “When he first started, Jayden was very defiant and unmotivated. He did not like pencil / paper tasks. He enjoyed working on the computer or the iPad.

“Through CEI classes and some one on one time, he has shown great improvement. He loves to read, and he is now writing sentences. He is always willing to work and complete his task for the day. His scores in CEI [on Essential Learning Systems] have improved greatly. He is a first grader who is six years old, but he tested at a third grade level in CEI. Jayden feels successful, which has given him more confidence in the classroom. Jayden is truly a remarkable student who has made great gains!”

Facilitator Debbie Sutton isn’t at all surprised by Jayden’s success.

“He works hard, stays on task and is very prideful of his work,” Debbie says of Jayden. “He is eager to check and edit his work. His reading scores showed a huge growth in his abilities. He loves to read. It has been my pleasure to have him in class.”

We’re proud of you, Jayden!

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