Who's Who 2015: Garza Elementary's Diego Enrique Salinas

on Thursday, 18 June 2015.

2015 WW Sharyland O Garza DiegoSalinas

“Diego is the perfect Who’s Who candidate!” shares Aracely Villarreal, Essential Learning Systems (ELS) facilitator at Garza Elementary in Sharyland (Texas) ISD. “Diego has completed all levels of the ELS program! He is a successful student in the lab as well as in his regular classroom. Diego shows mastery of all his state exams year after year because of his hard work and commitment.
His parents are so proud of him, and they support him by making sure he is at school by 7:30 every morning to work on his daily lesson.”

“We are very happy with Diego's progress since he started CEI’s ELS program!“ said Diego’s parents. “We feel that it has helped him tremendously in his reading and vocabulary. Additionally, his self-confidence can be seen in the way he tackles his schoolwork and in the grades he brings home. We would like to thank Mrs. Villarreal for introducing the ELS program to Diego. She was instrumental in making sure that Diego was on task with the CEI program.”

Diego’s sixth grade teachers, Mr. Juan Teniente and Mrs. Liza B. Garza, are also very supportive, and they understand the important role the program plays in Diego’s academic progress.

“Diego has such an inquisitive mind that in all science discussions he is not satisfied with what you teach him, he wants more,” said Mr. Teniente. “Diego is the student that makes me better as a teacher because he forces me to expand my borders of what the curriculum says to teach him. Diego raises the level of instruction by being so interested and involved in the discussion. He asks great questions, which usually start another class discussion that everyone benefits from. In math, he is meticulous with his operations, and he examines all his problems thoroughly. Diego analyzes every question, and I can see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to figure out an alternate way of solving the problem. In math, Diego says," but Mr. T you can also figure it out this way," which he'll always be correct about. Diego is the quintessential student who is attentive, follows directions and takes advantage of the time he is given to further his education. Diego is always polite to his peers and he's always willing to help others.”

Mrs. Garza concurs. "Diego is the student that all teachers would love to have in their classroom,” she said. “He is bright, witty, dedicated and compassionate towards others and their feelings. He truly is a pure joy to have!"

We are extremely proud of all Diego’s accomplishments, and we wish him the best!

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