Who's Who 2015: Gonzalez Elementary's Kylea Loredo

on Friday, 22 May 2015.

2015 WW McAllen Gonzalez KyleaLoredo

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Kylea Loredo for the Who's Who award," writes Tami Martinez, Essential Learning Systems (ELS) Facilitator at Gonzalez Elementary in McAllen, Texas. "I have had the privilege of being Kylea's teacher for past school year, and during this time, I have found her to be self-disciplined, very caring, and eager to learn and succeed. Kylea has finished the program and started it over again. I am very confident that Kylea will continue to succeed in the future!"

"This program has helped me learn new words," says Kylea. "It also helps me with writing. The best part is that I know words that other kids don't know. I'm getting good grades, and I like that!"

We like it, too, Kylea! Congratulations!

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