Who's Who 2015: Houston Elementary's Ruby Valadez

on Monday, 08 June 2015.

2015 WW McAllen Houston Ruby Valadez

Evelyn Flores, facilitator at Sam Houston Elementary in McAllen (Texas) ISD, wrote to us about the remarkable accomplishments of Ruby Valadez:

Ruby Valadez, a second grade student attending Sam Houston Elementary in McAllen, Texas, began using Essential Learning Systems (ELS) on March 28, 2014. Since day one, Ruby has been an enthusiastic student who strives to excel at everything she does. She is extremely proud of having moved up to Level II of the ELS program during the 2014-2015 school year.

Ruby is the “TALK OUT LOUD QUEEN” of the lab, never missing an opportunity to say letters and/or words during Share, Echo, and Quick Talk and sentences when completing Clues and Copy Write. She always pushes herself to perform at her best, and she is highly critical of her performance at all times. Ruby has acquired great confidence in performing reading tasks independently, and she shows such dedication by setting personal reading goals. One of her reading goals this school year was to read two books by herself each week. She committed to checking every Friday, and she worked hard to achieve her weekly goal despite of all odds.
Ruby is on the right path to many more success stories!

Ruby, keep up the great work!

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