Who's Who 2015: Monte Cristo Elementary's Aileth Martinez

on Thursday, 18 June 2015.

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Esmer Flores, Essential Learning Systems (ELS) facilitator at Monte Cristo Elementary in Edinburg, Texas, wrote to tell how the new Spanish task instructions in ELS helped her student Aileth Martinez flourish:

Aileth was recommended to CEI by her classroom teacher. When Aileth came to my room, I told her I needed to administer a test [the Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading]. On this test, Aileth has to read words out loud to me, as well as passages. I noticed Aileth was somewhat nervous. She was nervous because she did not know English language very well. I told Aileth to try to do her best, and I also told her if she practices her English, she could learn it.

In January, CEI released an update to the software for the program. This feature is to provide an option for the activity instructions to be voiced in Spanish. Monte Cristo Elementary lab was selected to do the beta test with the new feature in December 2014. This feature has been very helpful to my LEP [Limited English Proficient] students. Aileth is one of these students who benefits from the new feature.

Aileth struggled at the beginning when she came to the CEI lab. Now she understands the program a lot better.

Aileth is doing very well in the CEI lab. Aileth was also commended for doing very well on her Benchmark Assessments. I can say that Aileth is heading towards a successful path in her future. Keep up the good work.

We’re so proud of you, Aileth!

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