Who's Who 2015: Roosevelt Elementary's Angelica Maya

on Thursday, 18 June 2015.

2015 WW McAllen Roosevelt AngelicaMaya

Angelica Maya, a first-grader at Roosevelt Elementary in McAllen, Texas, began using Essential Learning Systems (ELS) on August 28, 2014. During the 2014-2015 school year, Angelica’s enthusiasm and drive for learning has allowed her to complete 24 lessons in Level I of the ELS program. In addition, Angelica’s 2014-2015 DST:R [Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading] scores reflect significant levels of growth in all areas assessed. Transforming from a non-reader to a progressing reader, Angelica’s comfort reading level and instructional reading level grew from a non-existent grade level equivalent (0.0) to a 1.5 grade level equivalent, while her comprehension level moved up from a non-existent grade level equivalent (0.0) to a 1.9 grade level equivalent. That’s almost two years of growth in just nine months! Excellent job, Angelica!

“You are making significant strides in reading,” says facilitator Evelyne Flores, “which may eventually bring forth many positive academic gains!”

Miss Sanchez, Angelica’s classroom teacher, also recognizes Angelica’s accomplishments in the classroom. She states, “Angelica has improved in reading; she utilizes the word wall a lot when she is writing, which is awesome to see since she is able to recognize those words and write them correctly.”

With her strong will to learn, Angelica takes advantage of every opportunity to grow as a reader. Angelica, always keep that enthusiasm for learning so it will motivate you to never give up!

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