Who's Who 2015: Roosevelt Elementary's Francisco Gallardo

on Thursday, 18 June 2015.

2015 WW McAllen Roosevelt FranciscoGallardo

Francisco Gallardo, a first grade student attending Roosevelt Elementary in McAllen, Texas, began using Essential Learning Systems (ELS) on August 28, 2014. Since day one, Francisco has been committed to completing every lesson to the best of his ability. By putting forward his best effort and gradually seeing positive results, Francisco has acquired a great sense of confidence, which has enabled him to overcome many challenges.

Facilitator Evelyne Flores shared that Francisco is currently completing 150-175 words on Quick Pick, and he has beaten his best time on multiple occasions. In addition to his accomplishments on Quick Pick, Francisco has also been a MASTER at Quick Talk, recognizing and reading an average of about 125 words at speed 8 without hesitation.

When Francisco started the ELS program, the DST:R [Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading] Pre-Test reflected that he was below grade level in reading comprehension. After completing 20 lessons in Level I of ELS, along with various Quick Tales, Francisco achieved a 1.5 grade level equivalent in reading comprehension on his DST:R Post-Test. That’s a year and a half gain in only nine months!

Francisco’s classroom teacher, Miss Sanchez, also recognizes Francisco’s progress in the classroom. “Francisco is writing more now compared to the beginning of the year,” she said. “He is recognizing more sight words, and he decodes words when he’s reading and writing.”

Way to go, Francisco! Keep up the great work!

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