Who's Who 2016: B.L. Garza's Brandon Chavez

on Friday, 27 May 2016.

2016 WW Edinburg BLGarza Brandon Chavez

Brandon Chavez is a seventh-grader at Edinburg CISD’s B.L. Garza Middle School. Brandon has only been in the United States for two years, but he does not let limited English get in his way!

A newcomer to the Essential Learning Systems (ELS) program, Brandon has demonstrated outstanding progress in his reading and vocabulary. He has almost completed Level I, and he has maintained a 99% Post-Test average. His Vocabulary average has more than doubled, improving from a 44% average on Pre-Tests to a remarkable 98% on Post-Tests! He is especially proud that he is now writing complete sentences in Copy-Write.

Facilitator Esther Montemayor shares that Brandon continues to demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and dedication to the ELS program.

“He has a great desire to close his language gap,” Esther wrote. “He has significantly improved his reading comprehension. He is self-motivated, he uses time wisely, and he is confident in himself. He has improved so much academically, especially in the areas of reading and vocabulary skills.”

Brandon’s teacher E. Rodriguez says that ELS has not only helped Brandon’s reading comprehension, it has increased his overall language acquisition by strengthening all four second language domains (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

Brandon now has a great understanding of the English language, and he enjoys incorporating new words he has learned.

Outstanding job, Brandon!

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