Who's Who 2016: Briarwood School's Brandon Hiemstra

on Tuesday, 31 May 2016.

2016 WW Briarwood Brandon Hiemstra

“Brandon Hiemstra embraced the CEI Reading Lab from the moment he stepped into the classroom,” shares Briarwood School Lab Teacher Mary Kay Sherman. “His motivation to be successful never waned. His determination and attitude were good examples to others in the lab. He came in, gathered his things, and immediately got to work.

“Brandon remained focused and always gave his best effort. He asked questions when he needed clarification, but he was also good at figuring things out for himself. Brandon kept his materials organized and neat. He is a hard worker and a model student!”

Brandon’s reading teacher, Mrs. Dunn, says, “Way to go, Brandon! You have shown such dedication to the learning process ... always giving your VERY best. I am proud of you!”

"We have been delighted with the growth in Brandon's confidence this year,” writes Brandon’s mom April. “He is such a caring young man, and he always strives to please others, so we feel it is such a blessing to see him rewarded for his effort. We love hearing his stories about school and how much he enjoys his friends, teachers, and the CEI lab. He has become much more independent while doing his homework because of his newfound confidence in his reading ability.”

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