Who's Who 2016: Briarwood School's Gabriel Mill

on Tuesday, 31 May 2016.

2016 WW Briarwood Gabriel Mill

Gabriel Mill has worked hard to achieve his own personal goals of mastering each Essential Learning Systems (ELS) lesson and Long Term Recall (LTR) in the Briarwood School’s CEI Reading Lab.

“Even when he was struggling, he told himself he was going to do it.” shares Lab Facilitator Leiann Darnell. “Through hard work and perseverance, he reached his goal of being able to finish lessons without repeating or recycling. He also wanted to calmly read each word on an LTR exercise with success. Kudos to Gabriel Mill because he stands out as a Who’s Who candidate for all of the accomplishments he has achieved in the CEI lab this year.”

Reading Teacher Martha Gay says, “Gabriel is a cheerful, hardworking student who perseveres and keeps smiling! He encourages others and never, ever gives up! With his effervescence and joy for learning, Gabriel brings a sparkle to whatever he undertakes and wherever he goes! Congratulations!”

Naturally, Gabriel’s parents joined with praise, too. “We are so proud of Gabriel and the improvement he has made this year!”

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