Who's Who 2016: Era Elementary's Alexa Sancen

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Era Alexa Sancen 

During the 2015-2016 school year, Alexa Sancen, a kindergarten student at Era (Texas) Elementary, began working in CEI’s Letter Recognition and advanced to Essential Learning Systems (ELS), where she quickly learned to edit her own Copy-Write papers.

“Alexa is eager to learn new words,” says Era facilitator Debbie Sutton. “Her face lights up when she reads her words out loud. I am very proud of her accomplishments this year.”

Era Title 1/ESL teacher Cheryl Clarke says, “Alexa has made tremendous strides this year, in part due to her work in ELS. At the beginning of the school year, Alexa was very shy and unsure of herself. She was able to identify 11 letters of the alphabet, but she could not tell the sound that the letters made.

“Alexa has become very confident in herself, and that has translated to achieving great academic success this year. The CEI program has helped in giving her a voice to comfortably speak out loud. She can read three and four letter words and simple sentences. When asked to spell simple words. she is very successful. There is no doubt that Alexa will do wonderful in first grade and CEI will help her shore up her reading skills.”

Outstanding work, Alexa! We are proud of you!

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