Who's Who 2016: Era Elementary's Izaiah Cardenas

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Era Izaiah Cardenas

Era (Texas) Elementary second-grader Izaiah Cardenas has graduated from the Essential Learning Systems (ELS) program! His test results show that he now has a whopping seventh grade reading comprehension level!

“I have seen Izaiah’s confidence in reading grow tremendously,” says Era facilitator Debbie Sutton. “It has been a pleasure to watch this young man obtain a skill with such pride!”

Izaiiah’s second grade teacher Jennifer Ross says ELS has benefited him in so many ways, giving him the confidence to excel in reading and all other academic subjects.

“His progress in reading has been exceptional,” Jennifer shared. “He now reads with incredible comprehension, fluency, and inflection. His phonics, vocabulary, and writing skills have developed tremendously, which will help him excel into third grade and beyond. The boost and success Izaiah has achieved in the CEI lab has given him the growth mindset and the confidence to persist through struggles in all other subject areas. I am grateful for the academic growth, but also for the confidence Izaiah has gained through the CEI program and the tireless effort of Mrs. Debbie Sutton to provide such incredible individualized instruction.”

Fantastic work, Izaiah!

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