Who's Who 2016: Lingleville School's Juana Ortiz

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Lingleville Juana Ortiz

When Juana Ortiz began kindergarten, she spoke no English, as her parents spoke only Spanish. But after attending the Essential Learning Systems (ELS) lab in Lingleville, Texas, for four years, Juana has made remarkable progress in acquiring the language.

Facilitator Elaine Carpenter shares that Juana continues to learn new English words and increase her vocabulary and. She pays close attention to details when she edits her Copy-Write exercises.

“ELS has been very good for Juana,” Elaine says. “I expect to see continued improvement in her reading skills and her overall success in school.”

We do, too, Juana! Keep up the great work!

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