Who's Who 2016: Llano Elementary's Rose Page

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Llano Rose Page

Third-grader Rose Page exhibited all of the qualities required for success in the Mathematical Learning Systems lab at Llano (Texas) Elementary.

“Rose entered the classroom each and every day with a smile on her face and a desire to learn,” shared facilitator Janet Hackworth. “She has shown great improvement in her basic math skills since she began the program in October of 2015.”

Rose’s third grade teacher, Jennifer Bordner, commented “Rose works very hard in math. She always takes her time. She uses her math strategies, and she shows her work. Rose does very well on her timed-multiplication fact quizzes each week. I am very proud of the progress she has made in math this year.”

“This was Rose’s first year in the MLS lab,” said Janet. “I am extremely proud of her progress. She completed 34 lessons with a 90% Performance Participation score. Rose also achieved a 35% increase from her Pre-Test and Post-Test averages. I know Rose will continue to excel next year in the fourth grade!”

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