Who's Who 2016: Luling Primary's Juan Zamora

on Thursday, 14 July 2016.

2016 WW Luling Juan Zamora

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the SHARE Blog on May 26, 2016; however, it was removed from the SHARE Blog due to a technical error. We apologize for the error, and we are happy to feature this remarkable student again!

Juan Zamora is a hard-working first-grader in the Essential Learning Systems (ELS) lab at Luling Primary in Luling, Texas. He started out in Level 1, Lesson 1 at the first of the year, and he and just finished Level 4, Lesson 10!

“He is one outstanding boy! He edits his phrases in Copy-Write correctly, and he spells most of the words correctly,” says Mrs. Bohac, the ELS Facilitator. On average, Juan’s Pre-Test to Post-Test change is 84% (Pre-Test) to 97% (Post-Test).

Juan’s mom attended the “Level Up” party that the lab has for students moving up a Level. His mom, his sister, facilitators Ms. Bohac and Lilly Yatczak, and Luling staff are proud of his efforts.

We’re proud, too. Great job, Juan!

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