Who's Who 2016: Trinity Dyslexia Center's Ayden Herrera

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Trinity Dyslexia Ayden Herrera

Ayden Herrera’s parents became concerned about his progress in school about midway through his first grade year. He entered Trinity Dyslexia Center in Meridian, Mississippi, and he completed his first grade year at school. Ayden’s mom decided to home school for second grade, and he continued to work at Trinity, too.

“Ayden’s mom has done an excellent job with home schooling,” shared Trinity Dyslexia Center Director Dottie Campbell. “As Ayden’s comprehension tutor says, ‘She [Ayden’s mom] always has his work prepared, and we know exactly what to do each session.’

“In a year and a half, Ayden made a 2.4 gain in Instructional Reading level,” Dottie said. “He was not able to read the comprehension passage on the Pre-Test, but he scored 4.6 on the Post-Test. That is wonderful for a second-grader. The Essential Learning Systems (ELS) program certainly helped Ayden, but his mom’s home schooling seemed to be just what he needed. We predict this polite and respectful young man will continue to do well.”

Ayden’s mom sums it up by saying, “He’s excited to read now!”

And we’re excited for Ayden! Fantastic work!

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