Who's Who 2016: Trinity Dyslexia Center's Dominick Joseph

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Trinity Dyslexia Dominick Joseph

In 2014, Dominick Joseph’s grandmother heard about the summer program at Trinity Dyslexia Center in Meridian, Mississippi, and wanted to enroll him. He has been attending Trinity Dyslexia Center ever since.

“Dominick has made so much progress during his time with us,” said Trinity Director Dottie Campbell. “At the end of the first year, Dominick was reading on grade level. His grandmother wanted him to be an even better reader, so he returned for a second year. He has worked even harder the second year, and he wants to make good scores on his lessons. Now, he is reading above grade level. In his two years with us, he had a gain of almost three years in instructional reading and over two years in comprehension.

“Dominick has matured a lot during this time, as well,” Dottie continued. “His grandmother reports that he is making very good grades, and he passed the third grade reading assessment with flying colors. Dominick has worked hard to accomplish this, and we are proud of him!”

We’re proud of you, too, Dominick!

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