Who's Who 2016: Trinity Dyslexia Center's Hope Tucker

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Trinity Dyslexia Hope Tucker

“Hope Tucker is a second-grader who has made outstanding progress at Trinity Dyslexia Center,” shared Trinity Director Dottie Campbell. “She is a hard worker who wants to do her best on each lesson. She is very happy when she passes Pre-Tests and is able to skip lessons.

“Hope began the program on Level I, Lesson 10, and she has just completed Level IV, Lesson 7,” Dottie continued. “That’s three levels in the year and a half she’s been with us. In that time, her instructional reading level has risen two years and three months. When she was given a Pre-Test, we were unable to get a Comprehension level. On her Post-Test, her comprehension level was 4.6. That is quite an accomplishment for a second grader!

“Hope’s comprehension tutor really enjoys working with her. She often talks about her oral reading ability. She reads fluently and with understanding and expression. We are so proud of you, Hope!”

We’re proud of you, too, Hope! Congratulations!

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