Who's Who 2016: Trinity Dyslexia Center's Peyton Reid

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Trinity Dyslexia Peyton Reid

First-grader Peyton Reid began working in Essential Learning Systems (ELS) at Trinity Dyslexia Center in Meridian, Mississippi, last year.

“We are very proud of Peyton and the progress he has made in the year and a half he’s been with us at Trinity,” said Trinity Director Dottie Campbell. “He has become much more independent since he began the program. He’s a hard worker, and he wants to do well on his lessons.

“About mid- year, we moved him into the room with the older students, and he held his own there. As a first-grader, he was the youngest student in the room. Peyton’s mom reports that he is doing well at school, and he didn’t need the services of his dyslexia teacher this year.

“When we administered post-tests, we were very pleased with his scores. His Instructional Reading level is 2.8, and his comprehension level is 4.1. We think that’s great, especially for a first-grader!”

We think it’s amazing! Outstanding work, Peyton!

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