Who's Who 2016: Trinity Dyslexia Center's Skylar Gibbs

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

2016 WW Trinity Dyslexia Skylar Gibbs

Last year, Skylar Gibbs’ mom was concerned about how he was doing in school. Trinity Dyslexia Center in Meridian, Mississippi, had the perfect solution.

“One of our tutors who knew his mom told her she thought ELS [Essential Learning Systems] was the perfect program for Skylar, and that she should bring him to Trinity,” said Trinity Director Dottie Campbell. “His mom listened, and Skylar enrolled near the end of last year. He has been working hard ever since. He really wants to excel and is so happy when he scores a perfect lesson.

“As a result of his success in the ELS lab, his self-confidence has grown. In just over a year, Skylar had a year and a half gain of in Instructional Reading. Even better than that, his comprehension level rose three years.

“We are celebrating a young man who is a hard worker and has become more confident in his ability to read. He is completing fourth grade, with his reading comprehension on a sixth grade level! Congratulations, Skylar. Well done!”

Well done, indeed! We’re proud of you, Skylar!

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