Who's Who 2016: Briarwood School's Keatyn

on Tuesday, 31 May 2016.

2016 WW Briarwood Keatyn

“Keatyn entered Briarwood as a new student this year,” writes Lab Teacher Holly Strapulos. “When she was assigned to the CEI reading lab, she felt dubious as to whether or not the program would help her. It was clear that her struggles with reading had influenced her attitude at that time.

“After spending only two months working on Essential Learning Systems (ELS), coupled with the skills she was learning in her core literature class, Keatyn began to soar. Her entire attitude changed. Every day and even now when she comes to lab, Keatyn goes right to her computer, logs in and is ready to work. When the CEI Creative Writing contest was announced, Keatyn’s hand was one of the first ones to go up affirming she would write a story. We are so proud of Keatyn’s accomplishments, her outstanding printouts, and her work ethic!”

Keatyn’s accomplishments weren’t limited to the lab. Literature teacher Susan Lockwood shares, “Keatyn has had an amazing year in my class. She never backs down from a challenge, and she is always eager to do whatever is necessary to improve her reading. It has truly been an honor to teach Keatyn this year.”

Keatyn’s parents say they are “so blessed to watch her grow at Briarwood! Seeing her confidence soar this school year has meant the world to us! Keep digging deep, sweet girl. We love you and want all of God’s best for you!"

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