Who's Who: Woodson Elementary's Kolin Dalton

on Friday, 15 April 2016.

2016 WW Woodson Kolin Dalton


Woodson Facilitator Joy Brown shared that last year, newcomer Kolin was the type of student every teacher wishes to have in their classroom. He was kind, he considerate, and he was a hard worker.

“Being new in a school and taking new types of classes did not seem to bother him,” Joy shared. “He took every challenge with confidence that he could overcome anything. He worked extra hard to complete every lesson as quickly as possible. There were times others students were having a special day where they could spend their ‘stars’ and earn a free period, but not Kolin; he refused to take days off. He was determined to finish as many reading levels as possible.”

Kolin began in Level 1 and Lesson 1 of ELS in August 2014. By May, he had finished all of Level 1, and he was on Lesson 45 of Level 2 at the end of the school year.

We love your determination and commitment to completing ELS, Kolin.... Keep up the great work!

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