CEI Knows RTI...

RTI, or “Response to Intervention” is one of the initiatives in the reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004. School districts are encouraged to use this early intervention process — similar to the three-tiered reading model of Reading First — as a way to identify children with learning disabilities as early as possible.

What are the goals of RTI?

RTI advocates believe that it will result in:

  • Implementation of scientifically-based reading programs in tier I for all children;
  • More use of progress monitoring and curriculum-based assessments to measure individual student progress;
  • Many fewer children failing to learn to read before grade 3;
  • Fewer numbers of students identified for special education services;
  • Savings of taxpayer dollars now required for special education.

Where does CEI fit with RTI?

Essential Learning Systems, Mathematical Learning Systems, and Science Vocabulary Essentials are excellent Tier II/III interventions. They align perfectly with RTI requirements:

  • They are grounded in scientifically-based evidence of what works with struggling learners;
  • They correlate with the standards at those early grades;
  • They have comprehensive assessment systems, including progress monitoring and mastery checks; and
  • Best of all, they are effective in accelerating student learning and raising achievement.

Educators can simplify their lives and their daily schedules by using RTI, its assessments, and its interventions to address the needs of all their struggling learners in one overall plan and with one set of interventions for reading and math. 

CEI’s programs are proven effective with dyslexic, limited-English, learning-disabled, economically-disadvantaged, and at-risk learners. Schools using our approach will save not only money, but they will also save time that would otherwise be spent in professional development, planning, monitoring, and assessing more than one program. And best of all, students will thrive and grow academically!

We invite you to read "Time Is On Your Side,"SHARE Magazine article that describes more more about using CEI programs in an RTI implementation.


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