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Research refers to the "sense of urgency for the earliest possible intervention” for any learner who has a learning difficulty or disability. Prevention of failure, if done appropriately, is cost-effective since it doesn't require long periods of time and is highly successful. Retention, re-teaching, and typical “remediation” take much more time, cost more than prevention, and have less success because they don't individualize, nor do they address faulty sensory processing.

It is urgent that schools implement interventions as early as possible. They must choose interventions that are truly therapeutic and that truly accelerate learning, such as CEI’s Essential Learning Systems, Mathematical Learning Systems, and the new Science Vocabulary Essentials. Here’s how our programs make a difference for struggling learners:

  • Our programs teach the critical concepts and skills required for success at the next level.
  • Our programs offer individualized instruction.
  • Our programs provide direct instruction.
  • Our programs incorporate distraction control.
  • Our programs provide the practice and repetition learners need to master content and develop automaticity.
  • Our programs develop fluency in basic skills.
  • Our programs offer corrective feedback.
  • Our programs allow for chunking and clustering of material so that students can attain content more quickly.
  • Our programs are designed to provide students the most time on task to address their individual learning needs.
  • Our programs are managed by facilitators whose role is to encourage, guide, motivate, and hold students accountable.


CEI products are truly therapeutic interventions that accelerate learning for students of all ages, in all levels of education K-12 and beyond. Producing average gains of two grade levels per year, our programs are remarkable solutions for the lowest 20% of your students.

We want to partner with you so your struggling learners can get the help they need. Our support program ensures the most effective intervention possible — so each student accelerates his or her learning and your school gets the results you need.

We can help you make a difference. The children cannot wait!

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