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Introducing Essential Learning Systems Online (ELSO)
Recognizing no boundaries in the development of our programs, we are prepared to eliminate the limitations created by the learning disadvantages facing your family ... maybe even you. Even more importantly, we have removed the obstacles that prevent you from accessing that help. How? Because after almost 30 years of helping millions of students achieve success in schools all across the United States, we now offer Essential Learning Systems Online (ELSO), a version of our flagship product designed specifically for use in the comfort of your own home, and we are offering it at a cost that is significantly lower than most tutoring programs or learning centers.


Why is ELSO for me?
Why me? Why my family members? Why ELSO? These are all good questions, and we have the answers. See if any of the following describes the learning challenges that you or your family have been facing. If you relate to even one of these statements, ELSO is the answer!

My child has a distinct learning disadvantage ... maybe more than one.

My child is shy, bashful and withdrawn in a classroom setting.

My child is easily distracted by the actions of other students in the classroom.

My child is learning at a level far below that of fellow My child is falling further and further behind in school.

English is a second language for my family.

Our hectic family schedule prevents me from helping in our children’s learning.

I need extra help in home-schooling my child.

Tutoring is not available through my child’s school.

Transportation costs and scheduling prevent me from traveling to tutoring centers.

Effective tutoring with proven results costs too much.

Being older than the other students who are being tutored embarrasses my child.

I, as an adult learner, personally experience some of the above.


How does ELSO work?
The overwhelming strength of CEI programs is the ability to accelerate learning among the most at-risk students — those with the strongest of learning disadvantages. Just as our school-based learning solutions do, ELSO accelerates learning by focusing on the very core of learning problems ... faulty sensory processing. All CEI products include activities that link visual, auditory, and motor, or “hands-on,” pathways in the brain, and ELSO is no exception.


ELSO capitalizes on the brain’s ability to develop more fluid pathways for automatic recognition, retention, comprehension, and application of information. Throughout over 200 lessons, the program accelerates student learning by delivering automated, individualized, and differentiated instruction that addresses the most critical instructional processes:


Individualization — self-paced instruction to meet the individual needs and skill level of each student

Multi-sensory Learning — a series of exercises that stimulate the visual, auditory, and motor-kinesthetic pathways in the brain

Interactive Learning — five steps (external stimulation, mental processing, response, immediate feedback, and reinforcement) to keep the student engaged in learning activities

Systematic Phonics Instruction — focused instruction on how to link letters and sounds to form sound-symbol relationships and spelling patterns

Language Enrichment — words, definitions, and sentences to aid in vocabulary development and retention and to provide background knowledge

Practice and Repetition — a wide variety of activities (more than 20 tasks) to provide practice in several different contexts

Mastery — ELSO provides the instruction, practice, and review that learners need to master the program’s content. Using the following components, the program continually checks for mastery:

Checkpoints determine what word patterns and meanings students have already mastered and what word patterns they still need to study, creating a personalized lesson plan for each learner and helping learners progress at their own pace throughout the program.

Practice Lessons provide instruction on the word patterns and meanings learners have not mastered.

Review Lessons provide additional practice with word patterns and meanings that learners have difficulty mastering.

Comprehension selections provide targeted instruction using the words the learner is learning on the program.

Long Term Recall ensures that learners have transferred the word patterns they’ve learned into long-term memory.



How is ELSO different from other online reading programs?
Unlike many of the game-centric reading programs online, ELSO adheres to the educational research regarding presentation. CEI designed the program to limit the amount of distractions affecting the users. There are no busy screens, music, or animation. Instead, color is used sparingly and consistently, and the program relies on simple illustrations that reinforce the instructional goal. As a result, ELSO users can focus on the information they are presented.


We are committed to helping you achieve academic, social and professional success!


We share in your goal of achieving remarkable results, and we want to help you take an active role in helping your learner succeed. If you do find that your student continues to struggle, our support team is available via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Each team member understands the ELSO program, the way it helps students, and all of the monitoring and reporting capabilities available to you.


How do I access ELSO lessons?
Your subscription provides you access to ELSO lessons from the comfort of your home or practically anywhere you can use an Internet-connected device.


Your learner can login to ELSO...

... on an iPad with our app available (free for download) in the Apple App Store.*

... on an Android tablet with our app available (free for download) in the Google Play Store.*

... on many Internet-connected devices including laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks, Windows Surface tablets and more with our web app directly from most popular web browsers.**


Links to the web app login page and to download our mobile apps are available on the Aspire At Home Downloads page.


*Due to screen size limitations and activity typing requirements, the ELSO mobile applications are only available on Apple iPad and Android tablets; the mobile applications are not available on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phones. The most current version of iOS or Android operating system is required.

**The ELSO web application is compatible with the following browsers:

Google Chrome 40 and higher

Chromium browser on Chromebook

Internet Explorer 10 and higher

Microsoft Edge

Firefox 40 and higher

The ELSO web application is not compatible with Apple's Safari mobile or desktop browser.


ELS Online Home Edition — Monthly Subscription

ELS Online Home Edition — Monthly Subscription

Your $19.95 ELS Online Monthly Subscription will renew automatically each m..


ELS Online Home Edition — 6-Month Subscription

ELS Online Home Edition — 6-Month Subscription

Purchase a 6-Month ELSO subscription and save $19.75 off the Monthly Subscr..


ELS Online Home Edition — 12-Month Subscription

ELS Online Home Edition — 12-Month Subscription

Purchase a 12-Month ELSO subscription and save $59.45 off the Monthly Subsc..


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