One of the biggest benefits of Science Vocabulary Essentials® (SVE) is its capacity to meet the instructional needs of each student with little teacher involvement. You select each student’s lesson or lessons and determine which sequences and settings would be most helpful for the student. The program then presents the instruction and provides any necessary review.


Each student works on the lesson or lessons that address his or her individual needs. Since there are no limits on the number of SVE stations in a school, potentially every student on campus can work on a different lesson at the same time, something that rarely happens in a typical classroom.


Sequences determine the task order and the number of times the student completes lesson activities. The three SVE sequences allow students as much time as they need to work on their lessons while providing the repetition and review required for content mastery.


Each SVE task has a variety of preferences and parameters … settings that determine how the program presents each task, how the student responds to the computer presentation, and the percentage of correct responses required for mastery. You can modify these parameters to address a student’s strengths or weaknesses in the most effective manner.