One of the biggest benefits of Letter Recognition™ (LR) is its ability to teach both letter names and letter sounds while meeting the individual needs of the user. Checkpoints determine which letters a student has already mastered prior to starting the program. Once the student starts working on new letters, LR accelerates reading development by blending several scientifically proven elements:

  • Multi-sensory Learning — LR requires visual, auditory, and kinesthetic responses from the student. This therapeutic approach develops the areas of the brain responsible for automatic recognition, retention, comprehension, and application of information.
  • Interactive Learning — The program’s tasks require the user to see, hear, and respond to each item, so the student continuously participates in the learning process.
  • Direct, Systematic Phonics Instruction — LR includes 24 lessons to teach the names and sounds of the upper- and lower-cased letters of the alphabet.
  • Language Enrichment — LR helps students recognize and pronounce the letter names and sounds. At the same time, students learn new words that include those letters and hear those words used in sentence context.
  • Repetition and Practice — The program includes several supporting tasks that reinforce the letter names and sounds and provide practice in different contexts.
  • Individualized Therapy — Self-paced instruction allows students to receive more emphasis where they need it; task settings can also be modified to accommodate specific learning strengths and weakness.
  • Mastery — The program teaches groups of letters as part of a cycle, and each cycle includes numerous checks to ensure that each student proceeds with mastery.