Our Expectations

An average student usually gains at least one year academically for each year of instruction. A struggling student often makes less progress and could lose even more ground without intervention. At CEI®, we know that retention, re-teaching, and typical “remediation” cost a lot of time and money, so we advocate early intervention … at school, at home, or in both places.

Unfortunately, when intervention is inaccessible or ineffective, acceleration becomes critical. To keep challenged students from falling behind, and to narrow any existing achievement gaps, our solutions feature evidence-based strategies and elements that are critical in accelerating learning:

  • Direct Instruction
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Critical Content
  • Skills Fluency
  • Practice and Repetition
  • Chunking and Clustering
  • Corrective Feedback
  • Time on Task
  • Distraction Control
  • Frequent, Multiple Assessments
  • Continuous Progress Monitoring and Reporting
  • Oversight by Engaged, Dedicated Facilitator

Almost 30 years of third-party testing results tell us that Essential Learning Systems™ and Mathematical Learning Systems™ are effective at accelerating learning. Pre- and post-test scores indicate that students in CEI labs gain an average of 1.6 to two years for each year of instruction. Those results are even more dramatic for students who attend the lab for more than one period a day.