Math Students

This study includes 11,000+ students who used CEI®s Mathematical Learning Systems program for one school year. The graphs reflect the number of CEI students and their gains at the end of that year.

“I am a parent of a special needs child, diagnosed with the autistic spectrum disorder of Pervasive Developmental Delay-NOS. Last year, my son started the MLS program. As a child progresses through school, the math concepts become more abstract and difficult to grasp, especially for a visual learner like my son. Again, thanks to the opportunities MLS has allowed, he is able to learn at his own pace and master the concepts he is weak in. He is at grade level for his math skills, which is a huge accomplishment.”

Parent of Elementary Student

“One child struggled consistently with subtraction with regrouping, and after the reinforcement from the lab, he was able to master the skill. It is my personal belief that the math lab played a major role in this student achieving Commended on his third-grade math TAKS.”

Elementary Interventionist

“CEI has consistently showed the value of its products through the positive academic growth my students demonstrate after they are on ELS and MLS.“

Elementary Principal

“MLS has been very effective. We really like the hands-on approach using the manipulatives, and it works so well for all the students, whether they are challenged or advanced. The teachers feel it gives first graders a strong foundation for later math instruction. We like that it’s not just an intervention program.… It can be individualized so that all our children can learn.”

Elementary School Principal

“I teach first grade and my children beg to go to the CEI lab. What a compliment to the program … children wanting to learn.”

First Grade Teacher