MLS Overview

Mathematical Learning Systems (MLS) uses a combination of software and one-on-one coaching to address your students’ mathematics development. The program teaches the skills students must know before learning algebra and higher levels of mathematics. Those skills, which are often the ones that cause students with learning difficulties to struggle, include: numbers, operations, place value, decimals, fractions and abstract problem-solving.

Instruction occurs in two distinct stages — Concept Building and Fluency. During the Concept Building stage, MLS introduces each concept from concrete manipulations to semi-concrete illustrations to abstract algorithms. During the Fluency stage, therapeutic, multisensory exercises train students to retrieve math facts from memory. Students who can solve problems correctly and retrieve facts quickly and efficiently have an easier time applying what they learn to more complex operations and real-life situations.

When you purchase an MLS lab, CEI® includes a third-party assessment that provides information about a student’s basic math skills and helps you determine which areas need improvement. The program then accelerates that improvement through a combination of scientifically proven, customizable elements, including:

  • Multi-sensory Learning
  • Interactive Learning
  • Repetition and Practice
  • Individualized Therapy
  • Mastery
  • Supplemental Instruction

MLS also incorporates frequent mastery checks, positive reinforcement, and motivation to prevent frustration and ensure students receive their therapy in a secure, successful environment. The result is improved performance on the program, in the classroom, and on standardized tests.

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