Data Management

Essential Learning Systems Online™ (ELSO™) uses a combination of software and one-on-one coaching to customize instruction and meet each student’s individual needs. The program has two applications that help make that individualization possible.

Aspire Learning Management Online (ALMO)

ALMO makes managing and communicating student progress easier by giving you access to several settings and features, including:

  • Teacher login and personal information
  • Student login and personal information, including birthdate, gender, and grade
  • Details about the student’s lessons, including a breakdown of the Checkpoints, Long Term Recalls, Reviews, and Comprehension stories completed
  • Lesson printouts

ELSO Settings Manager

Using the information from ALMO and the student’s survey responses, the teacher can remediate individual strengths and weaknesses through a variety of settings in the ELSO Settings Manager:

  • Task parameters
  • Program speed
  • Audio files
  • Current level and lesson
  • Feedback options
  • Quick Tales presentation choices